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The Yeast Buster Kit


The Candida albicans yeast is one member of a community of hundreds of microorganisms that exist in delicate balance in the human intestinal tract. Under normal conditions, only a small number of Candida organisms live in our intestines. A healthy colon contains about 85% friendly bacteria and 15% pathogens such as Candida. As a result of poor nutrition and modern lifestyles, most of us have the opposite ratio in our intestines: 15% supportive microorganisms to 85% harmful.

A Candida overpopulation (candidlasis) can contribute to a wide variety of health problems. The Candida-related symptoms mentioned here include the most common ones candidiasis sufferers experience. However, the list is not exhaustive, nor does the presence of many of these symptoms indicate a definite diagnosis of Candidiasis.


You need not let Candida interfere with your health. To conquer intestinal yeast overgrowth, there are four things you must do:

  • Kill excess yeast in the colon and eliminate its breeding
    grounds by clearing accumulated fecal waste.
  • Re-establish a healthy balance of intestinal flora.
  • Adopt a diet that scarves Candida but nourishes your body.
  • Strengthen your immune system, restoring its natural ability to fend off harmful organisms.

The Yeast Buster" product line is specifically designed to help you achieve these four goals. It includes the Yeast Candida Trauma Kit, DOS Acidophilus, Olive Leaf Extract, and Grapefruit Seed Extract.



When these three substances pass through the intestines together, they thicken into an absorbent, cleansing gel. The movements of the intestines turn this gel round and round, forcing it against the sides of the intestines, where, in effect, it scrubs Candida away and soaks up toxins for easy elimination. Let's take a closer look at PSYLLIUM, CAPROIL and BENTONITE.

PSYLLIUM - The "Scrub Brush"

PSYLLIUM acts as an Internal brush. In addition, its bulking action forces the CAPROIL and BENTONITE against the sides of the colon.

INNO-VITE's PSYLLIUM product is a blend of psyllium seed and husk. The bulking and lubricating husk softens hardened fecal matter for easier elimination, while the grainy seed powder is a gentle "scrub brush." PSYLLIUM'S absorptive ability complements BENTONITE'S toxin-attracting properties.

NOTE: Medications or supplements should not be taken within two hours of taking PSYLLIUM, as they will not be absorbed.

CAPROIL - The "Detergent"

CAPROIL acts like detergent on the PSYLLIUM brush, killing yeast on contact.

Caprylic acid, a short-chain fatty add extracted from coconut oil, is CAPROIL's main active ingredient. It is a potent anti-Candida agent and lethal upon contact.

INNO-VITE's liquid CAPROIL product is taken mixed with PSYLLIUM and BENTONITE for a very important reason. When administered in pill form (as it is in most other anti-yeast programs), caprylic acid passes straight to the liver for processing and never reaches the colon. In the Yeast Buster™ program, the PSYLLIUM slowly escorts the caprylic acid along the entire gastrointestinal tract ensuring complete coverage of the colon, preventing it from being inactivated by the liver.

BENTONITE - The "sponge"

Like a sponge, BENTONITE soaks up dead yeast and toxins and helps the PSYLLIUM pull this debris from the body.

Hydrated Bentonite is a super absorbent liquid day preparation, scientifically proven to absorb (attract) toxins, bacteria, and viruses. Combining its powerful properties with PSYLLIUM's absorptive power and bulking action ensures that wastes are quickly eliminated.

DDS Acidophilus

The "Friendly" Bacteria Supplement

This high-quality supplement is essential to the Yeast Buster™ program's success. It restores the intestinal population of friendly bacteria.

DDS ACIDOPHILUS is a human-compatible bacteria strain grown on a hypo-allergenic, dairy-free medium. DDS ACIDOPHILUS is also a very hardy bacterial supplement with the endurance required to recolonize the intestines. In fact, DDS ACIDOPHILUS organisms have been shown in human studies to be capable of multiplying up to two hundred times.

In the intestinal tract, DDS ACIDOPHILUS releases hydrogen peroxide, helping reduce yeast populations. DDS ACIDOPHILUS also releases Acidophilin (a natural antibiotic), B vitamins. Vitamin K, and lactase (the enzyme required to digest milk).


Diet plays a major role in yeast overgrowth. Naturally, diet modification contributes to recovery. Healthy, immune-boosting foods need to be emphasized; foods that promote yeast growth need to be eliminated.

The degree of change required will depend on your condition's severity. However, regardless of how severe the Candidiasis is, the more you restrict the foods that nourish Candida, the faster you will recover. To consolidate your gains, you'll also need to avoid making a quick shift back to your old diet immediately after you declare the program finished.

Diet Do's

A diet rich In fibre, essential fatty acids or EFAs (found in raw seeds and nuts), vegetables, legumes, white meats (organic if possible), alternative grains (spelt, millet, rice, amaranth, etc.) and complementary vegetarian proteins (beans combined with grains) seem to be most supportive ro this program. Oils rich in EFAs such as flax oil (serve un heated), further support healing.

Diet Don'ts

Fruit, fruit juices, sugar, and even natural sweeteners feed Candida. Fermented foods like vinegar, miso, cheeses, and alcohol also nourish yeast. Some foods that are similar to Candida (e.g., mushrooms, yeast extract, and baker's or nutritional yeast) can cause symptoms, because one has been sensitized to Candida.

Starchy foods—potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice, bread, pasta—are quickly converted into sugars and are best avoided for the first few weeks. Processed foods, preservatives, and refined or cooked unsaturated oils weaken the body. Dairy foods, refined flours, meat, and even tofu promote sluggish digestion and will slow the elimination of waste from the colon.

The Yeast Busters to the Rescue

booklet includes more detail on appropriate foods, a list of cookbooks, and guidelines for beginning and ending the anti-Candida diet

Die-Off Symptoms

As the Yeast Buster™ products and anti-Candida diet begin clearing yeast, you may experience mild discomfort as the body begins to flush out dead and dying Candida. The Yeast Buster™ Kit is designed to minimize reactions through the detoxifying actions of the PSYLLUIUM and BENTONITE.

"Die-off' symptoms are also called the Herxheimer Reaction. They can include fatigue, headache, mental "fogginess," diarrhea, nasal or sinus congestion, and many other symptoms. Many people also experience increased irritability, depression, or sugar cravings. These reactions usually last only a few days and signal.that the program is working.

If progress is rushed "die-off" be severe. If the discomfort is too great, reduce your CAPROIL intake temporarily and then gradually increase again. If severe or persistent symptoms develop, see your health practitioner.

If die-off' symptoms are mild, you may wish to take the anti-fungal drink twice daily to speed your recovery. DDS ACIDOPHILUS may also be taken twice daily.

After the Program

Once you've achieved your desired goals, you will consolidate your gains by gradually weaning yourself off the Yeast Buster™ program. Discontinue the CAPROIL first Some individuals may benefit from using the BENTONITE, PSYLLIUM, and DDS ACIDOPHILUS for several months longer. If occasional anti-fungal treatment is desired for maintenance, CAPROIL. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, or GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT may be used once or twice a week. Keep in mind that Candida can develop resistance. After four consecutive months of using a particular anti-fungal compound, it's a good idea to switch to a different one.

Depending on individual susceptibility, keeping the yeast under control may pose more of a challenge for some more than others. If you are particularly prone to Candida overgrowth, keeping the yeast problem at bay will likely require permanent lifestyle modifications. It's a small price to pay, isn't it, for vitality and vigour!

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